Poseidon's Gift

In depths of sea, enamoured by his form
She lingered long, her tail anchored fast,
With golden sleeves the sunlight glimmered warm
On scales of blue, her beauty unsurpassed.
   She caught his eye, upon the ship’s tall mast,
A twinkle cast across a waveless sea
   Unlocked a heart, for she possessed the key.

This key she held was more than just a charm
Unlocking treasures long since buried deep,
As all young men, he feared not any harm,
One sight of her, his heart was hers to keep.
   So stealthily, at night with all asleep
He swam into Poseidon’s waiting arms
   And gave his life to her seductive charms.

She watched the life slip slowly from his eyes
And felt her own heart tear itself in two,
For naught she lured love from ‘neath the skies    
And lost her chance to love in deepest blue.
   Now left to mourn, darkness would ensue,
She cried in vain, for listless in her arms
   The man she loved; succumbed to all her charms.

She called upon Poseidon to restore
This man who loved her, deep enough to drown
Within the depths of sea; for ‘pon his shore
She could not step, for fear to lose her crown.
   Poseidon asked her why this silly frown?
For men could never love her without air -
   But saw her heart was lost in her despair.

Poseidon, seeing how she wept for days
Was moved by love to do what he could do,
Although it meant the parting of their ways
He pledged to give her life and love so true.
   She chose to live beyond the tides’ curfew;
The man she loved then rose from ‘neath the deep
    He smiled at her; no longer would she weep.

A strange sensation felt beneath her hips,
Her mermaid tail once long, no longer there
And to his mouth she placed her salted lips
And felt at once her first gasp of fresh air.
   His fingers gently stroked her face so fair,
The sunset gold reflecting on their skin
   As toes in sand did sink.  Let life begin.

He loved her as she took a pensive walk
Upon the shore so often kissed by wave,
And dreams of all they’d share now filled their talk,
Of wedding bells and all that night would crave.
   For him, her one, herself she’d always save,
He drew her close till they were skin to skin:
   To love a mermaid, never was a sin.

Elusive Me & Garry Spooner
© 2017

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