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Word Prompt - Hush

Responses from the poets of xiv lines ... Hush

Hush Fear My Childs l jennings

Hush fear my child
You are born to be heard
Silently a higher voice calls
Hear your spirit rise
Speak your own voice
Your gift with the world
Your light where dark forests blur growth
Plant Seeds of joy where all unite in a new day
Hush fear my child
You are given wings for a reason
You are born to fly

Hush Now ThunderElusive Me

O Thunder, Thunder hush now, can't you see?
You're scaring all the flowers in their beds.
You sound so angry, how then can this be?
If you don't shush, the rain will wet our heads.
The sad Wind whirls, as if she's lost her way,
Our Night sky's still asleep amongst his Stars
And yet the Clouds have sent my Blue sky grey -
Hush now, silly, let's count the taxi cars.
Distract yourself, and breathe in deep to feel,
A smile is hiding deep down, yes you know!
So turn that frown - upside down, and steal
The grumble from your voice, so songs wil…

Word Prompt - Mystify

Responses to the word prompt - Mystify ...

MystifyGarry Spooner

A stolen glance, into her gorgeous eyes,
Alluringly, she coyly strokes her cheek.
Whispered fantasies disguised as sighs,
A Soul so deep with magnetised mystique.

Perplexed, my heart beats faster in her sight,
I catch my breath, quite giddy from the blush.
Tonight my dear, I’ll make you mine tonight,
Just feel my breath upon you, there’s no rush.

But just a minute, I'm not quite there yet,
Although you know I’m truly fond of you.
My game of choice is always hard to get,
But in the end, your wish always comes true.

If there’s one thing I truly can’t deny,
A true loves heart will always mystify.

Love, Mystify MeSumyanna

Mystify me
Blend my edges
With only his soul
So that none can discern
Where he begins – where I end.
Make us of one heart, harmonized beating
May I feel his pulse within my veins
And when he exhales, let me take my breath
So that I may quench my thirst of his love
Finding rest and comfort when …

Challenge - Without an 'e'

The first challenge for the poets of xiv lines was to write a fourteen-line verse without using the letter e. Here are the responses ...

Without e — Laughing waters

what's missing
in my day
how can I find
what possibly
can go wrong?
I look and look
but no sight
I'm start to think
about clouds,
it's all so normal
but I know in fact
my day is not so bright
without that missing part

Just for You— Elusive Me

If I, if I could walk on by
And blow a kiss, a kiss amiss
I'd warm you up, til lips do sigh
I'd colour you in paints of bliss.
I'd run across your skin so soft,
Aligning stars on sky of black
And oh I too would smooch you oft
If you'd allow our lips to smack.
For can't you play? This cat's away
And you and I can float in clouds
High up high amongst our stars
And flap our hands and point at crowds
And watching ants, or cows and cars.
     Am I so mad oh what say you?
     Did you not think I'd try it too?

Wistful Moon— Sumyanna