Word Prompt - Hush

Responses from the poets of xiv lines ... Hush

Hush Fear My Childs l jennings

Hush fear my child
You are born to be heard
Silently a higher voice calls
Hear your spirit rise
Speak your own voice
Your gift with the world
Your light where dark forests blur growth
Plant Seeds of joy where all unite in a new day
Hush fear my child
You are given wings for a reason
You are born to fly

Hush Now ThunderElusive Me

O Thunder, Thunder hush now, can't you see?
You're scaring all the flowers in their beds.
You sound so angry, how then can this be?
If you don't shush, the rain will wet our heads.
The sad Wind whirls, as if she's lost her way,
Our Night sky's still asleep amongst his Stars
And yet the Clouds have sent my Blue sky grey -
Hush now, silly, let's count the taxi cars.
Distract yourself, and breathe in deep to feel,
A smile is hiding deep down, yes you know!
So turn that frown - upside down, and steal
The grumble from your voice, so songs will flow.
     Ten warm toes and fingers could be mine,
     If you could hush and leave the Sun to shine.

Tears and FanciesFerrick Gray

In early hours of morning, hush —
To feel the want and yearning crush
The heart with hopelessness. Those whys!
As tears that well in lover's eyes
Release emotions, find their way
'long freckled cheeks, as thoughts replay
Events and words, the voice that spoke
In whisphers soft. As you awoke
The morning sun, with rays of gold,
So softly kissed you and consoled
An angel's anguish. Banish fears
And ev'ry notion, dry those tears;
For dreams will often fancies tell:
O' hush my sweetheart, all is well.

HushGarry Spooner

A hush, rested like an autumn fog, 
lingering on the extremities of its last breath.

A hush, softly and silently enveloped the moment,
holding its captives, with wisps of mist.

A hush, gathered no moss upon rolling downwards,
over unsuspecting hills and valleys. 

A hush, dared escape her gasp in ecstasy, 
nestled between soft sighs.

A hush, ne'er spake of lingered quietude , 
just thoughts, whispered in vain.

A hush, fell upon deaf ears, 
familiar with its silence. 

Hush Mark A Bryan

Hush, lady is it me you're looking for,
I see that your down, my eyes are watching,
Come I'll give you some of my sweetness or,
Make the neighbors hear us while we're laughing.

Take good care of the kids, send them to school,
While I'm out working you can cook dinner,
I'm at the table, you're looking so cool,
Give me a glass, champagne is a winner.

Your body is a delicate flower,
Each time I kiss you it feel good like gold,
Do you think about me every hour?
I'll keep the matter about us untold.

Hush, I'm her to be my woman's helper,
I'm the guy who'll be with you forever.

As I Sleep Matt Aguilar

As the sun, 
flowers the glow in your room

In a hushing whisper I spoke to you 
The daze from the haze grew quiet

You led my ghost ashore 
in your gentle soft gestures

O my beloved,
as the shadows wrap me warmly 

With their cold, loud silence 
To falsely lead me astray...

As that of the waves at sea
Calmly as the sky roars 

Your hand, lay it gently 
upon my star, as I sleep...

A Hush of a Silent Requiem - A L Schers

The overwhelming hush; of that still dawn
Rang stark, as its; effervescent silence
That red sun rising; signalling the morn
A mind ragged raw; in deaths own violence 

Summer, such a lonely time; for lost souls
A lone fox, scant company; to one heart
Two lovers hearts; were raked through white hot coals 
That burn lingers long; one yet to depart

It's the torment; of the silence, that burns
A waking sun; will seek to scald dry eyes
One mind that lost a face; but yet it learns
Of hurtful nature; seen through its own lies

How brave you were; when my eyes streamed with tears
Your love endures; that hush of twenty years

Leaving - Alima J

Packed and ready to fulfil a mission.
Unsure where my journey will end.
Unknown location, but open space.
Away from a loved one, a heart to mend.

A sorrowful wave, a gesture of sorts,
Reminiscing the times gone by.
Sitting on a train looking through,
I'll be home soon, the time will fly.

Road and railways I'm leaving behind,
On seas I will travel with fellow men.
I'm leaving a soldier, will one day return,
I'll think of you always, my love, 'til then.

Hide your tears, for my heart they'll crush.
Hush now my darling, please hush.

HushSean M. Price

Frozen fields fade beneath the rainbow burst
A silent storm of life that breaks Earth’s back
Where the needs of sleepy seeds have their thirst
For sun and rain to fulfill what they lack.

In the evergreens, bodies become one.
Forest shrouds the sound of the coupled pair
Clinging to the edge of heaven. When done,
Their wetness grows the vines of love’s long snare.

Gray days that fall become reality
When white forever paints the forest space.
Kind words spoken reveal our frailty.
Granite words mark the final resting place.

Time’s compass spins an unrelenting rush
When the world waits for the crush of a hush.

Drift into the EmptinessNiamh Serendipity

The novelty of summer; is long passed
Night drifts on by; with an indolent hush
Sleep hours, are fading; seconds ticking past
Too hot; in insomnia’s clammy flush

Minds can be such; aggressive saboteurs
If we allow that; they may do their worst
In the early hours; when all reason blurs
When waking thought; should rightly be accursed

Then troubles may mount; should we let them in
A molehill becomes; the tallest mountain
Only if we; let that process begin
So fly your soul; over field and fountain

Know this; stare into the black, look for red
Swift sleep comes; when that ‘hush’ cradles your head

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