Word Prompt - Mystify

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MystifyGarry Spooner

A stolen glance, into her gorgeous eyes,
Alluringly, she coyly strokes her cheek.
Whispered fantasies disguised as sighs,
A Soul so deep with magnetised mystique.

Perplexed, my heart beats faster in her sight,
I catch my breath, quite giddy from the blush.
Tonight my dear, I’ll make you mine tonight,
Just feel my breath upon you, there’s no rush.

But just a minute, I'm not quite there yet,
Although you know I’m truly fond of you.
My game of choice is always hard to get,
But in the end, your wish always comes true.

If there’s one thing I truly can’t deny,
A true loves heart will always mystify.

Love, Mystify MeSumyanna

Mystify me
Blend my edges
With only his soul
So that none can discern
Where he begins – where I end.
Make us of one heart, harmonized beating
May I feel his pulse within my veins
And when he exhales, let me take my breath
So that I may quench my thirst of his love
Finding rest and comfort when we can speak in similar tongue
The same stories lain between our chests, cherished at the moment written
And similarly cherished, as each day grows long - we hold them in remembrance
I am blessed he has built his foundation beneath the eaves of my heart.

Mystified by FriendsMark A Bryan

My life is in her hands I testify,
Under the sea a shadow that mystify,
Save me from drowning under the dark,
Clouds of angels left the ark.

Sounds of triumph met my empty heart,
Blew breath to live, I received a start,
And became a somebody believing the cause,
Until life is over I will never tell her that we loss.

Because giving up is partially death,
Day provide a light that reduce the threat,
Looking for us to lay in a beautiful night,
Standing up for the best care in my sight.

Always reminded that together we honor us,
The best memories are made with love.

Mystify MeElusive Me

He made a way to reach the hidden me
And held me close to quench my thirst for love,
I'd lost my way, for dark the world I see,
Forgotten I, the might of He above.
I rest my soul beneath the cross that bares
The tragedy and triumph of our souls,
I found my feet in He, the one who cares,
He deftly mends the myriad of holes.
He captures every tear before it falls,
Within the sorrow of my hopeful eyes.
I drown in freedom found in hope that calls.
With joy from gazing 'pon His sacred skies.
     For every good thing felt will amplify
     If we allow His love to mystify.

Nature's Sweet TraditionFerrick Gray

Soft morning song, mellifluous petition
Of pleasantries that kiss the gentle ear.
As darkness fades, the little ones appear
In ruffled feathers, dance the morn's rendition.

Each note that's sung from Nature's small musician
To woo but one, this spritely cavelier;
Soft morning song, mellifluous petition
Of pleasantries that kiss the gentle ear.

Both song and beauty, by his own admission
May mystify this special time of year,
To dance and sing, his mate, she swoons quite near
Then off they fly - 'tis Nature's sweet tradition:
Soft morning song, mellifluous petition
Of pleasantries that kiss the gentle ear.

A Viking KissAlima J

His mighty roar echoed across the battle field.
The clamour of weapons against a kite shield.
If today is the day he brings dark thunder,
Then not even a warcry shall tear me asunder.
A glorified warrior I cannot justify
His prodigious power to mystify.
The bloody war brought my lover to me.
All hail as I surrender myself to the enemy.
I hold a fighter, not a lover in my arms,
No sign of a smile, no pretence of his charms.
Disrupting me with his beguiling touch.
A strong kiss softened with a tender cwtch.
Through me, a spear of a Celtic viking,
Alas, I be his queen and he...be my king.

Play MeRob Newman

On a surfboard it takes me
Into the light of the blue green sea
Waves topple, crashing,
a roar of white water laughing
Soon to follow a cool blue hollow
Rising from the depths of the sea
A wave that carries this board
long to the end of its destiny
in a smooth as glass swallow
no surfer can deny to follow
With a shout from the crowd
Mystifyed by a monster wave
The crowd stopped to salute
On sand as white as Snow.

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